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IMPORTANT UPDATE for all members from Truman Intel owner, Tyler Mahoney

Daily Fishing Log For October 17, 2021

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Date October 17, 2021 Air Temp Current Generation
Fisherman Tyler Mahoney Water Temp
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Hi everyone! Tyler Mahoney here. As some of you may know, I own and operate and work closely with many of the guides and tournament pros to put out as many reports and expert videos as we can spanning across multi-species. We are incredibly blessed to have such outstanding people willing to share their hard earned knowledge with all of us on a platform like this and we are so excited at how quickly the community is growing. Thank you to all of you who are members!   I'm writing this note to make everyone aware that over the next week, our fishing updates may be a bit more sparse compared to normal. My fiance and I have finally reached the finish line with our wedding this coming Saturday, the 16th. (That was the latest date I was willing to do before there was too much interference with hunting season....)   As many of you can probably relate or understand, there are quite a few last minute things being taken care of leading up to the rehearsal and wedding day. And within 24 hours of our wedding, we will be on a plane and gone out of the country for a week straight. (Fingers crossed we aren't impacted by the flight cancellations that seem to be happening in the last few days. We aren't on Southwest thankfully.) Anyway, many may not know, but I actually write about 99% of the fishing reports that appear on this website and do all the video recording and editing. I communicate with the different guides on a daily basis and then post their reports every day after taking notes, editing, and adding photos. Since I will be fairly tied up and gone starting this Friday, you're not going to see as many reports as normal. I will do my best to put up several reports ahead of this weekend though. Next week, I will try to do some email communication on the honeymoon to maybe get a report or two up there, but my wifi time will be limited. And, as many of you can imagine, we will be focused on celebrating and taking some time for ourselves to get away from it all and enjoy the moment. I apologize in advance for the upcoming week with minimal reports and videos, but I hope many of you will understand. We will pick right back up where we left off when I return. My fiance and I both are extremely excited to start this next chapter in our lives, especially considering we were finally able to move to Clinton, MO full time in the last couple of weeks. She is a practicing dentist in town, and my ability to create more reports and videos for you guys with the help of all our guides just got a whole lot easier being so close to Truman Lake. Our second full year at Truman Lake Fishing Intel is looking to be pretty stellar! Until my return, please see the below fishing notes section for instructions with screenshots showing how you can view historical fishing reports for October from previous years on our website. Thank you all for your patience and understanding as Sami and I celebrate the beginning of the next chapter of our lives! Tyler
Fishing Notes

How to access historical fishing reports and videos

When you go to any of our fishing report pages, you can click the dark blue button that says “View More”. Pictured here:

Once you click “View More”, the page will open to show you a “filter” where you can select the species of fish, the month, and the year. We started in late summer of 2020, so our reports go as far back as July 2020. It is very likely that the reports in October last year will be very similar to what is going on with the fishing activity this year.

This filter is an extremely valuable tool to allow you quick access to multiple years worth of information. Since I won’t be able to put out as many reports in the coming week, looking at the historical reports should be helpful.

I also highly recommend watching all of the Guide Dinner Monthly Round Table videos where we go in-depth about what is going to happen on the lake month to month. All Monthly Round Tables from our first 12 months are available to free and premium members. Beginning in Sept 2021, the guide dinner videos are only available to those who have premium memberships.

You can view the Monthly Round Tables here:


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