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4/17/22 Bink’s Spoons – tips for modifications and color selection

Daily Fishing Log For April 17, 2022

General Info Weather / Water Conditions
Date April 17, 2022 Air Temp 50s-60s Current Generation Medium
Fisherman Truman Lake Guides Water Temp 53-56
Hours Fished See below notes section for more details! Sky Cloudy Water Clarity Stained
Fishing Overall Good Wind Moderate
Fish Caught
Total Caught Total Keepers
Size/Weight (Pounds)
Baits Used
Keepers Other Fish
Bink's Spoons!
Bait Colors
Keepers Other Fish
We are oh so close to a lot of folks favorite time of the year, the crappie spawn! It's a great time to be in the Missouri outdoors as turkey season is starting and the morel mushrooms are starting to pop. Quite a few reports of mushrooms around Henry county, by the way, but mostly the little greys so far. We have a couple of cold days ahead of us, unseasonably cold actually. The lake temperature will probably come down and potentially delay spawning activity from kicking off. But it's not far. Many guys are still catching their crappie on jigs, and some have started to use minnows again as well. But, this year we are showcasing a lure that is sometimes overlooked in our area as a great crappie bait and general multi-species lure. That is the Bink's Spoon! Bink's has been around since the 90s and used across the country, but especially in the midwest from Arkansas all the way up to Minnesota and Wisconsin. In the previous month, you may have seen other reports discussing Bink's Spoons. For the next year, we will have a post about Bink's Spoons every two weeks and how to effectively use them on Truman Lake and beyond for crappie and many more predator species.
Fishing Notes
Today, we will be sharing some tips from expert guide, Brian Ondrejka, owner/operator of Kansas Angling Experience, who guides on several lakes in Kansas and has utilized Bink’s Spoons for years for multi-species fishing ranging from crappie, hybrids, white bass, and walleye. Below are his thoughts on some of the modifications you can make to the spoons and also share some thoughts on color selection.
Modifications: Bink’s spoons are fairly malleable, so sometimes I will slightly bend the spoon to give it added flutter on the downstroke, also slowing the fall. I’m also a big proponent of changing out stock hooks/terminals, so I change out the hooks with #4 or #6 EWG trebles. I also cut the barrel swivel off and tie direct to the split ring. If line twist is an issue, I will use a smaller barrel swivel as my braid to flouro/mono connection.
Color selection: I try not to overthink colors when it comes to spoons in the waters we fish. Most times all we need is white. White/Chartreuse, Firetiger, Pink Lemonade, and Purple are all go-to colors as well. Time of year doesn’t really dictate anything for me but water color and forage are obvious things to consider when picking a color, but you really can’t go wrong with white. Keep it simple!
-Brian Ondrejka, Kansas Angling Experience

instagram: @kansasanglingexperience
youtube: Kansas Angling Experience

For Truman, remember that jigging the spoon fast and hard may not be as productive as it is in the summertime. For crappie, you’ll want to drop the spoon in tipped with a minnow to get down to the crappie quickly, and then hold it there right above them as still as you can. If you’re fishing without livescope and dipping trees or other structure, this would entail keeping the line tight as you slowly drop it down multiple sides of the tree trunk or structure. Once you identify how deep the fish are sitting, you can drop a little faster and hold it there a few moments before slowly raising it up. For the spawn, it may not be your best bait option for less than 1 or 2 feet of water, unless you have a long rod to hold it out along the bank as you move along slowly. But when the fish are positioning to move up or after they’re done and they’re sitting in that 4-5+ feet of water and more, it is a great option to have in your arsenal.

You can find all the Bink’s Spoons options HERE.

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