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5/20/22 Latest weekly updates from guide Bob Bates

Daily Fishing Log For May 20, 2022

General Info Weather / Water Conditions
Date May 20, 2022 Air Temp Current Generation
Fisherman Bob Bates Water Temp
Hours Fished See notes section for details Sky Water Clarity
Fishing Overall Fair Wind
Fish Caught
Total Caught Total Keepers
Size/Weight (Pounds)
Baits Used
Keepers Other Fish
Bait Colors
Keepers Other Fish
Fishing Notes

With the lake on the fall, 715.97  and falling, the crappie have moved to deeper water  and the White bass and hybrids are on the feed.

I ditched the crappie for the week in favor of Hybrids and whites.  Just about everywhere I looked, I found either one or both and they were hungry.  I hope it stays that way for a couple of weeks before they start messing with the dam schedule. White Hybrid jigs with pearl bodies and 1oz green and white “Hotdogs” were a deadly duo.

With the lake falling the crappie have moved out into deeper water and are suspended at various depths with 18-20 being the catch depth.  Still jigs are the bait of choice but minnows are going to be looking good shortly.

Rain is still in the forecast and boy, have the storms been rough ones.  Watch the skies and your radar on you smart phone and beat the storm to the dock….

That’s it for now, but watch out for the other guy and remember your life jacket works best when worn…….

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