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10/18/23 Jeff Faulkenberry recaps last few days of catfishing

Daily Fishing Log For October 18, 2023

General Info Weather / Water Conditions
Date October 18, 2023 Air Temp low 70s or cooler Current Generation Minimum
Fisherman Jeff Faulkenberry and clients Water Temp 58-61
Hours Fished 4-5 hours each day Sky Sunny Water Clarity Muddy
Fishing Overall Good Wind Strong
Fish Caught
Total Caught Total Keepers
30-40 fish a day cleaning about 15-20 usually
Size/Weight (Pounds)
Baits Used
Keepers Other Fish
Fresh caught shad
Bait Colors
Keepers Other Fish
Upper end of the Grand
Fishing Notes

Well it’s really starting to turn on now. That’s the main thing you need to know. The bite is good in the upper Grand and over in the Osage arm around Talley Bend and above. Actually just had a buddy boat a 70 pounder over by Talley in shallow water.

The shad are absolutely everywhere. You can get them around Cooper Creek, Sparrowfoot, Bucksaw, and everywhere in between. I am not using electronics at all to find them either. You can see a few shad flip and then throw the net and you get a pile of fish, including crappie. Make sure you get those back in the water!

I’ve been channel ledge fishing the last few days, but you can get them up a little shallower drifting as well. I’ve been focusing in 9-12 feet of water with baits fancasted around the boat on those ledges. The fish are roaming pretty good. Just cruising through. Might go 10-15 minutes without a bite and then bam, 3 rods are down.

I’m not moving more than a couple times a day here recently and maybe burning a quarter tank of gas. The fish seem to be everywhere but that wind is picking up and the spots I’m on are catching a lot of wind. Can make it difficult to fish but getting through it.

Quite a few slot fish for us but lots of keepers too. Fish aren’t looking too fat recently. A little on the skinny side to be honest. All blue catfish for us last few days. Not a single channel or flathead. Boating about 30-40 fish a day, probably closer to that 35-40 mark. Numbers have been very good. And I’ve been cleaning at least about 15 fish a day up to 25 maybe depending on how many I have in the boat.

Jeff Faulkenberry, Endless Season Guide Service – 660.351.5420

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