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Monthly Fishing Reports

10/3/21 Steve Blake’s latest fishing notes for the month ahead

See the latest fishing notes from Steve Blake for the month ahead focusing on bass, crappie, hybrids, white bass, and catfish!

October 3, 2021Read More

VIDEO: David Ryan’s Truman Lake bass fishing forecast and tips for March 2021

Watch to see David Ryan's Truman Lake bass fishing forecast and tips for March 2021!

March 9, 2021Read More

Feb/March 2021 monthly report on catfishing

See the latest Truman Lake monthly catfish report talking patterns and behavior!

March 8, 2021Read More

End of month multi species fishing report 9/27/2020

Click to read the latest end of month multi-species fishing report on Truman Lake covering bass, crappie, catfish, white bass, and wipers!

September 27, 2020Read More

What to expect on white bass in the coming weeks on Truman Lake

Click to read Steve Blake's predictions on what to expect on the white bass fishing here in the coming weeks. Spoiler, should be real good!

September 1, 2020Read More

Wiper fishing expectations for September from Jack Vanderpool

Click to read expert guide Jack Vanderpool's predictions for wiper fishing in the month of September. You can find one of Jack's extensive radio interviews discussing wiper fishing in the videos section of the Truman Lake Fishing Intel website.

September 1, 2020Read More

Tournament Angler David McCormick breaks down finding the bass in August on Truman

David McCormick, accomplished bass tournament angler on Truman Lake and the owner of the Fish30 Youtube Channel, breaks down exactly what patterns you need to be looking for on bass the rest of this month.

August 18, 2020Read More

Bass: Things to look for the rest of August as we approach the fall

Chet Douthit, 8 time Bassmaster Classic competitor, gives a few notes on what guys should start to look for in August as the fall season approaches.

August 12, 2020Read More
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