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Weekly Fishing Reports

Consolidating all fishing reports to one page

Notes from the editors below.

August 29, 2023Read More

8/19/21 Cody Vannattan’s multi-species updates this past week

See the latest updates from Cody Vannattan on multi-species this past week!

August 19, 2021Read More

8/19/2021 Darin Lankford’s weekly bass updates

Read to see Darin Lankford's weekly bass updates!

August 19, 2021Read More

8/17/21 Brock Reinkemeyer’s crappie updates from the last week

See Brock Reinkemeyer's crappie updates from the last week!

August 17, 2021Read More

8/16/21 Osage Bluff Marina weekly fishing report on multi-species

Check out the latest weekly multi-species update from Osage Bluff Marina!

August 16, 2021Read More

8/15/21 Jeff Faulkenberry’s weekly updates on the catfish

See the latest notes on the catfishing from Captain Jeff Faulkenberry!

August 15, 2021Read More

8/13/21 Bob Bates’ latest multi-species weekly updates

See the latest weekly updates as Bob Bates updates us on hybrids, white bass, and crappie!

August 13, 2021Read More

8/10/21 Cody Vannattan’s latest weekly updates on catfish and hybrids

See the latest updates from Cody Vannattan talking catfish and hybrids!

August 10, 2021Read More

8/9/21 Truman Lake Resort & Fairfield Store weekly multi-species fishing report

See the latest multi-species fishing report from Truman Lake Resort & Fairfield Store down on the Pomme arm!

August 9, 2021Read More

8/8/21 David Townsend’s crappie updates from the past week

Come along for some updates from David Townsend as he talks about some of his trips from this past week!

August 8, 2021Read More
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