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Truman Lake Guide Bob Bates Oct 2 report

Friday, October 2, 2020

Click to see the latest multi species fishing report from Guide Bob Bates as of October 2, 2020!

Lake level is 704.22. The water temp is 67-70 in the Osage and Grand. The water is clear in the Osage and slightly colored to stained in the Grand Arm.

Crappie fishing is somewhat spotty in the mid-lake area.  The crappie are  moving up on the brush piles and on the bluffs.  They really seem to be scattered as we are finding them in 15 ft.. brush piles and 19 foot flats.  We are fishing the flats 2 feet off the bottom and sometimes even dragging the minnow on the bottom.  Upper lake areas are producing good fish.  Looks like the fall feed up is about to begin as the water temperature drops the shad will move to shallows and so will the fish.  I think maybe it is time to break out the jigs and start probing the bare bank bluffs.

White Bass have really been on the scope this year with the bigger ones mixed in with the last years hatch.  We have had great success this year with 3/4 oz spoons on the very shallow humps.   The Dam area has been the prime spot. Small whites have been chasing the small shad on top early and late.  If you want the bigger fish you have to get under the breaking fish.

Hybrids are hitting sassy shad and spoons on the shallow humps and in the evening they are moving up to feed on shad in the wind blown coves.  A good idea to have a rod rigged with top water baits like a Pop-R or Zara Spook and Sliders if you are fishing the windy points.

That’s it for October 2, 2020 fishing  report… Help the other guy when you can. I hope that all of you remember your life jacket works better when it is worn…Thanks, Ole Bob

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