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Sterett Creek fishing report 10-17-2020

Friday, October 16, 2020

Click to see the latest fishing report from Sterett Creek Marina covering multispecies on the lake as we get further into the fall!

Report courtesy of Steve Blake reporting to Sterett Creek Marina


Current water level is 704.20 and water surface temp at the dam is 66 degrees.

September was a crazy month and early October was not much better as fish scattered in the fall transition. With the now cooler temps and cooler water temps some solid patterns have emerged. Here on the lower lake crappie have begun to move to the bluffs. 1/4 ounce pink head Bob Bates winter jigs rigged with a Swarm brown and orange jig have produced some nice fish this week. Bluffs fished 20 feet deep with the jig just a foot or two off the bottom and moving the boat SLOWWWW as to keep the jig straight down have produced best. While the shallow flat bite in the stained water on the upper lake in 8 to 14 feet of water fishing 6 to 8 feet deep with both minnows and jigs is bests.

White bass and hybrids have not moved to the bank as yet but should soon. They have been on humps in 8 to 15 feet of water with small swim baits in shad colors slow rolled on the bottom and 1/2 ounce Bob Bates jigging spoons working best. Once found they are in large schools and the action is fast and furious.

Largemouth are still slow with early morning top waters and later in the day jigs and worms fished 10 to 14 feet deep on channel points catching a few fish.

Cats are still on cut shad in 20 to 30 feet of water and when found they are schooled up in numbers.

The fishing will get better the later we get into the year. Whites and hybrids will be on the banks until water temps fall below the 50 degree range. After that fall feeding flurry the winter crappie fishing starts and should be great this year.

As another season at Sterett Creek Marina comes to a close Ken and Cathy have again worked all season continued to improve the facility in many areas. Although the year has been a crazy one for all, they appreciate the support that their customers have given the marina and they always to strive to improve each experience you have at Sterett Creek.

The marina will close November 1st but remember the ramp stays open year round as does Lil’ Papa Joe’s Restaurant! Again thanks for a great year!!!!!! See ya on the water.

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