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The latest multispecies report from Guide Bob Bates

Thursday, January 7, 2021

See the latest weekly fishing updates from longtime guide, Bob Bates, as he discusses crappie and white bass on Truman Lake!

Lake level is 707.77 and water temp is 40.1 in the lower part of the lake.  The Grand remains slightly stained while most of the rest of the lake is clear.

Crappie fishing has picked up the mid-lake area and there have been some “biguns” taken.   I have found tons of  fish in the trees about 25-30 feet deep on the bluffs some only 12-15 ft. deep….It’s interesting that the White bass  are still hanging around on those deep bluffs also and if you drop in on a band of shad, you have no idea what is going to hit….The week was different as the shad were right on the bottom in a band 3-4 feet thick and the crappie and white bass were right in the middle of them and were hitting anything that moved in the band.  One time a crappie next time a white.  Great fishing, lousy weather….maybe the key?

Cody’s Bait & Tackle has a complete new supply of my 1/4 and 1/8 oz short shank jigs which have been the ticket for Steve Blake and I for crappie, whites, and even a walleye or two…

That’s about it for January 7, 2021. Help the other guy when you can and remember your life jacket works best when it’s worn… Ole Bob

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