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Bob Bates weekly multi-species fishing updates

Monday, March 8, 2021

See the latest Bob Bates fishing report covering crappie, white bass, and hybrids on various arms of Truman Lake in central Missouri!

Lake level is 706.36 and water temp is 34 in the lower part of the lake.  The mid lake area is clear to lightly stained and some patches of skim ice early in the mornings.  The ice should disappear by 9-10am and with the warmer temperatures and high winds forecasted for this coming week along with the rain, should make a huge difference.

Crappie fishing has been good in the mid-lake area with the best bite in the mid-day on brush piles about 20-25 feet deep. Steve Blake and I went on a “research trip” together on Friday and caught over 100 keeper crappie and save 12 to split for supper.  All fish were caught on 1/4 oz pink jigs with pink and green chartreuse Swarm jigs.  The bite was really light on the bigger fish.  We also found a lot of fish midway in the coves at various depths but mainly in the 25 foot range in 30-35 deep channels…That means they are moving in for the feed up before the spawn.

Of course it is to early for a white bass and hybrid report, but I would guess they are in the upper ends of the creeks and river arms.  Sapps Landing should be crowded this time of the year.

That’s about it for March 8, 2021. Help the other guy when you can and remember your life jacket works best when it’s worn. Bob

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