Thursday, September 28th
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1/9/22 Bob Bates’ weekly updates

Sunday, January 9, 2022

See the latest fishing updates from Guide Bob Bates talking crappie!

Lake level is 705.53 with water temp in the upper 30’s in the lower part of the lake.  The mid lake area is pretty clear. Watch for patches of ice early in the day and around the edges.  Be extra careful at the ramp sites.

Needless to say, I’ve been in hibernation.  The main part of the lake has been pretty rough with the high winds except when the wind is out of the NW.  Then I can hide under the bare bank bluffs.  Of course, for some unknown reason my skin is not as thick as it was a few years ago.  Now that I have “wimped” a little, crappie fishing has been fair to good in the main lower lake area.  The little fish are hanging in schools in the tops of the trees 15-20 feet below the surface and the larger fish are scattered in the deeper trees and 20 foot brush piles.

We were able to take this bunch from a brush pile half way back in a cove loaded with trees and on a bare bank brush pile about 17 feet deep.  1/4 ounce orange jigs and white and chartreuse bodies held very still was the ticket.  Sure would like to get a break in this weather because many of us old folks want to get a mess of crappie.

I know it’s short, but the time on the lake has been short this past month. Keep warm, watch out for the other guy and your life jacket works best when it’s worn…Bob

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