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Truman Lake members can receive discount at tablerockfishingintel.com

We are super excited that Truman Lake Fishing Intel is the newest member of the “Bassing Bob” family. For those who are unfamiliar, bassingbob.com was founded about seven years ago as a way to provide daily reports to members about the fishing at Lake of the Ozarks.

As the years passed, the website grew tremendously and created demand at other lakes. Thus, trumanlakefishingintel.com was born!

However, another popular destination lake in Missouri has a similar website providing daily coverage on the fishing: Table Rock Lake – tablerockfishingintel.com.

Table Rock Fishing Intel is owned by longtime bass guide and tournament angler, Eric Prey, of Focused Fishing Guide Service. Eric has a long track record of success and has been providing fishing reports for the Kansas City Star for several years.

Table Rock Fishing Intel

If you are one of those anglers who travels to many lakes across the Midwest, including Table Rock, then tablerockfishingintel.com is probably a site you should visit to stay up-to-date on the bass fishing.

As a way of welcoming Truman Lake Fishing Intel members, Eric has created a coupon code for $10 off his Pro membership plan. Simply use the code truman10 and you will receive $10 off at checkout.

As always, thanks for supporting trumanlakefishingintel.com. It is your support and willingness to share what we are doing that helps us keep putting out the best updated daily and weekly information possible!

See you on the water!


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