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Tips for fall bass fishing Truman Lake

Truman Lake is an incredibly diverse lake with many species to target. What many have learned in the past couple of years is the bass fishing is really taking off! Are you planning on bass fishing Truman in the near future? Check out some of these articles from the past to help you learn what patterns might be effective!

A few quick notes about Truman Lake right now:

The lake level is about 1.5 feet low, which is exposing a lot of tree tops and other structure you don’t normally get to see. This is actually a good thing because you can avoid any issues on your lower unit a little easier than normal.

Your cleaner water will be down by the dam. The upper parts of the river arms all have some color to them. Some are worse than others. The Grand arm is notorious for dirty water, but is considered to be a great arm of the lake for bass fishing in the fall. The Pomme arm is also a productive arm of the Lake in the fall, especially as you get closer to the P-18 and above area.

The topwater bite on PopR’s has been good down by the dam in the cleaner water.


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