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Where is KK Island on Truman Lake?

If you read our fishing reports, you will hear our guys reference certain landmarks across the lake whether it be certain creeks, channel bends, bluffs, and more. One of the most popular landmark terms you may have seen or heard for Truman Lake is “KK Island”.

The KK Island area on Truman Lake is known for being a great place to locate many species of fish, but especially white bass and hybrids. It is very close to Osage Bluff Marina and easily identifiable on a map. KK Highway heads south and ends heading into Truman, pointing right at the island itself. Hence, the name.

In the below photo, KK Island is marked with a gray pin drop.

KK Island

As mentioned, this area is very popular for fishing for white bass and hybrids, but is also a great place to target walleye, crappie, and largemouth as well. What makes it so great for all these species? The elevation changes in the surrounding area.

There are dozens of humps around the island in various depths of water. This type of structure makes for great ambush points for all predator fish, especially when there is current running at the dam.

White bass and hybrids both are known for getting up very shallow on main lake points in this area when the water temperature gets down into the mid 60s.

You can view more of the underwater area by checking out the Navionics Chart Viewer map to see all the elevation changes and nearby humps.

If there are any other landmarks you’d like to see us cover, please reach out to us here or on the Truman Lake Fishing Intel Facebook page. We have some big projects we are working on to expand our mapping content on the website so stay tuned for that as it progresses over the next year!

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