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5/4/21 Angler’s Port Marine $5,000 Tournament Incentive Program

Angler’s Port Marine is excited for the 2021-2022 fishing season.   Angler’s Port Marine will host a reward program for our valued customers that fish competitive bass tournaments.

If you purchase your tournament boat from Angler’s Port Marine in Warsaw, MO and choose to fish the premier tournaments throughout America, we will provide contingency award of $5000 if the winner is fishing on an Angler’s Port Marine boat owned by the angler.  This is in addition to any contingency monies available from manufacturers.

Rules and Requirements:

  1. Each tournament must have more than 60 boat entries actually fishing to trigger award eligibility.
  2. Big fish and other side competitions are NOT eligible for awards.
  3. The registered owner must be fishing on his registered boat to qualify and provide photographic evidence from that tournament. Boat in front of weigh-in would be acceptable.
  4. All registration information must be verified by the tournament organizer.
  5. An award request form must be submitted by the angler along with boat purchase documentation and appropriate photographs of the winners weigh-in to receive the prize.
  6. Any single angler can only qualify for one contingency win per calendar year.
  7. Award is limited to boats purchased in the past 2 model years before the tournament. For a 2021-2022 calendar year tournament, boats with HIN numbers dated 20 or later will qualify.  Time to upgrade for the money!  You must be the original owner of the boat.
  8. Any Angler’s Port Marine associates are not eligible for this award program.
  9. Co-anglers are not eligible even if they own an eligible boat. Only the boat in the water and its corresponding registered owner qualifies.
  10. Angler’s Port Marine reserves the right to modify, change or discontinue this program at any time without notice.  Participants are responsible to review these requirements on a regular basis.
  11. Ownership and registrations will be verified before payout.
  12. All claimed results must be verified through the trail’s website.
  13. Angler’s Port Marine decisions on this program, rules and winners are final.
  14. Award must be accepted in person at Angler’s Port Marine. Winner must consent to promotional materials which might include photo and/or video, testimonial, etc.
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