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2/16/23 The “Million Dollar” Stump

On our most recent Truman Lake Fishing Intel Expert Round Table video, which you can watch HERE, some of our guides were sharing some stories about the “Million Dollar” stump located on Truman Lake.

The stump is humorously named that day due to the many lower units it has claimed from hundreds of boaters. It sits in the middle of the channel in the upper Grand arm above Bucksaw. Not too far away from Otter Creek.

When the water level is below normal pool, you can start to see the top of it and mark it with your graph. But when the water is normal or just a foot high, it is probably at its most dangerous point.

For those who fish the Grand arm often and don’t know where it is, we’ve included a Google Map Pin below that marks the APPROXIMATE location. Use extreme caution when running in this area of the Grand. Use your graphs to mark the exact location the next time you’re on the water.

Google Pin:




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