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Jack Vanderpool

Jack Vanderpool, The Wiper Sniper Guide Service, has been ate up with fishing since he was a kid. His dad fostered the love of fishing, which ultimately led to him becoming a guide. Jack learned how to fish for wipers (hybrid striped bass) on Truman Lake from Ron Cummins, who guided on the lake as well before he passed. Jack has been guiding for years and knows exactly where to find the wipers and how to catch them.

“Several things have to come together to catch large fish in numbers, but the one thing that I know from experience and from other professionals is the effect the sun and moon have on how fish bite which I will refer to as “the bite”. During the past 30 years, I have logged many catches and studied the effect of weather, sun, moon, and the seasons have on the bite. I also discovered that the solar/lunar fishing tables I have used simply don’t work. I have put together in calendar form what has worked for me based on lunar and solar peaks which is different than anything I have been able to find on the market or published. Keep in mind that lunar and solar peaks can be and often are offset by the weather.”


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