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Jeff Faulkenberry

Jeff Faulkenberry is a family man who grew up with Truman Lake and the surrounding area. His love of fishing came from his dad and grandad beginning in the early 80s. Amazingly, Jeff began guiding on the lake when he was 17 years old. Eventually, he started  guiding out of Bucksaw Marina and then went out on his own full time.

When folks look up anything fishing related on Truman Lake, they are bound to come across Jeff Faulkenberry. He has built a reputation as an outstanding professional on and off the water and is considered a top guide for the lake. In his late teens, he began appearing on the Missouri Outback Radio Show with Johnny and Linda Everhart. He continued on that show and became a regular host for 20 years.

We are extremely excited to have Jeff contributing to Truman Lake Fishing Intel. His daily experience on the water makes him an expert on the fish activity across the entire lake. Crappie and blue catfish are his specialty, but he also does white bass trips throughout the summer and fall as well. He has his Captain’s license and is a certfied G3 and Yamaha Corp guide. When you read about the fishing patterns in his reports on Truman Lake Fishing Intel, you better be taking notes. But it doesn’t end there.

His business is called Faulkenberry’s Endless Season Guide Service, and it’s called that for reason. Beginning in November, Jeff books waterfowl hunts throughout the late fall and winter until duck season closes. Then it’s right back into fishing. It’s truly an endless season for Jeff Faulkenberry.

If you’re looking for a great trip on Truman Lake, look no further. Jeff will not only put you on the fish, but he will also help you become a better angler and provide a lifelong memory along the way.

Faulkenberry’s Endless Season Guide Service Facebook page

Contact: 660.351.5420

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