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Steve Blake

Steve Blake has been a staple around Truman Lake for years and is quite possibly the longest tenured fishing guide on the lake. As a result, he knows how to catch the fish and routinely targets, crappie, white bass, hybrids, and largemouth.

Although from St. Louis, Steve grew up around the lake visiting multiple family members who lived in the area. Throughout those many visits, his love of hunting and fishing in the area only grew deeper. Unlike many others, Steve was familiar with the area before it was constructed into the reservoir that it is today. Having that kind of history has given him unique insight into the lake that many other anglers simply do not have. Steve knows exactly where all the secret road beds, fence rows, old cemeteries, and other forms of structure are that have been covered up in water since the lake was created.

Whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter, Steve is familiar with what pattern the fish are on and consistently puts them in the boat for his clients. We are extremely excited to feature his expertise on a weekly basis on Truman Lake Fishing Intel!

Steve Blake’s Guide Service – 660.525.0692

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