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Lady Bass Anglers Association to hold championship on Truman

Here in late October, the Lady Bass Anglers Association will be coming to Truman Lake. They have a 3-day event scheduled to go out of Bucksaw Marina. The last day will be their Classic shootout event.

The Lady Bass Anglers Association is very unique because they are currently the only tournament trail dedicated entirely to female bass anglers. Recently, I had a chance to catch up with one of the co-founders, Cheryl Bowden, to learn more about the group.

“We started out in 2010 when B.A.S.S. decided there wasn’t enough interest in a women’s tour,” Bowden said. “It was an unfortunate surprise to us all, but it is a business, so we moved forward with what was supposed to be a final farewell tournament at Kentucky Lake.”

Well, that farewell tournament turned out to be anything but. It ended up being the catalyst for the founding of the Lady Bass Anglers Association. Bowden connected with fellow angler, Secret York, and plans to make something happen were underway.

Although Bowden and York only knew each other through outings as boater and co-angler, they worked well together and organized a kick-off event on Lake Dardanelle in 2010. They’ve had an annual schedule of at least 4-5 events ever since.

The championship this year will be on Truman Lake, and it’s the first time they’ll have visited here so far. Those of us that love Truman know they have some good things in store near the end of this month. Truman Lake Fishing Intel will be covering updates from the event so those at home can follow along.

Members of the Lady Bass Anglers Association span throughout the country and have a large presence in the south, including Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina, and much more.

Besides the fact that it is an all-female tour, they do a couple more things that make them unique.

“The top 12 anglers earn a spot to the championship every year. However, in their final wildcard event, the top finishing boater and co-angler who hadn’t qualified will earn a spot to the championship,” Bowden said.

“There is also a wildcard drawing that takes place at that event where someone is randomly selected to join. This keeps angler participation and motivation very high through the last event,” she added.

In 2019, the person who was randomly drawn was Alisa Johnson. She had some boat issues early on in the event and was feeling defeated. But, she recouped and rallied back to ultimately win the championship. Her story is a true testament that you’re never down for the count.
Stay tuned to for coverage of this tournament and more. If you are interested in learning more about the Lady Bass Anglers Association, you can find them at their website and on Facebook. 

Lady Bass Anglers Association Website
Lady Bass Anglers Association Facebook Page
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