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ESPN Radio 107.3 appearance for Truman Lake Fishing Intel

ESPN Radio

This past week I was fortunate to be invited to showcase Truman Lake Fishing Intel on ESPN Radio 107.3 with Bill Cooper of the Living the Dream Outdoors Radio Show. Bill Cooper is a member of the Missouri Outdoor Communicators and is an award winning outdoor writer.

You can listen to the podcast version of the show and hear both segments I was on by going to the ESPN 107.3 podcasts page and selecting the 10/16/2020 show of Living the Dream Outdoors.

Bill had me on to talk hunting and fishing, but specifically to go into detail about Truman Lake Fishing Intel and all the things it can offer to those who become members of the website. We discussed my background in how I became involved in outdoor writing, how 2020 has impacted the outdoors, conservation, bridging the gap to recruit new hunters and anglers, and last but certainly not least, Truman Lake Fishing Intel and everything we have up at the website.

We start at about the 14 minute mark and go until about the 37 minute mark.

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You can find more about ESPN Radio 107.3 by visiting their website!

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