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Remembrance of Bailey Jelinek

For those who haven’t heard, the fishing community around Truman Lake lost a good man on March 14th. Bailey Jelinek, brother of our contributor, Brad Jelinek, and son of longtime Truman guide, Joey Jelinek, passed away after a car accident. Please keep the Jelinek family in your thoughts and prayers in these difficult times.

Bailey was just getting started in life as he began his career in teaching in the local Warsaw area. He also was leading JelifishUSA, which makes unique fishing tackle and other products for anglers. Those who knew him described him as unbelievably happy and the life of the party everywhere he went.

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Bailey Jelinek

Brad Jelinek (left) with Bailey Jelinek during a trip to Lake Mille Lacs chasing big smallmouth.


From Brad Jelinek 3/15/21:

“I woke up this morning praying yesterday was a nightmare. 3/14/21 was the hardest day of my life and there’s not even a close second. I lost my baby brother yesterday In a car wreck on a road we have drove down thousands of times. I cannot believe this is real life… my heart is absolutely broken and I don’t know how it willl ever get better. I am so incredibly proud of the man you were becoming Bailey. I grew up always wanting everything to be a competition with you and as I got older I realized how much you meant to me. You are the reason I am a better man today. I never would have imagined being on this side of the stick where I lose someone so dang close to me. Your electric smile and positive attitude are 2 of many things I will never ever forget about you. This post won’t bring you back but I just want it in writing how much I love you Bailey. My life will never be the same without you. Bohdi will only get stories of how great of a person you were and how much he adored you for the short amount of time he knew you. I miss you so much Bailey Christopher Jelinek. Not a day will go by where I don’t think about you.”









We offer our sincerest condolences and prayers to the Jelinek family. Bailey will be dearly missed and remembered by all that knew him.

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