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5/15/23 Corps. of Engineers plans new buoy line system at Truman Lake Dam

The Corps. of Engineers has been evaluating and planning to install a new buoy line in front of Truman Lake Dam. Previously, a buoy line had been in place until some serious debris washed down the lake in the 2007. It amounted to a roughly 40-acre tree pile up out in front of the dam and destroyed much of the buoy system that had been in place.

In recent years, there have been more large logs that have washed down the lake and become wedged in the Tainter gate, creating challenges for dam operators. Consequently, daily operations of the dam gates/turbines and safety concerns are large motivating factors for the new project.

The Corps. believes a new buoy line to hold back debris should accomplish its objectives with preserving dam integrity and daily operations. Currently, the goal is to have a contract awarded for the project by the end of the fiscal year for the Corps. of Engineers, which is this fall. It is still unknown how long the construction process will take once a contract has been awarded.

Truman Lake Buoy Line

The design process of the buoy system is still underway as well, and several options and placements of the buoy line are being considered. The Corps. has met with the Missouri Department of Conservation to analyze potential impacts the proposed buoy system may have on angling opportunities near the dam. What is known as the “weir”, which is essentially an underwater road located in front of the dam, is perhaps the most popular fishing spot on all of Truman Lake.

It’s possible that some of the fishable area at the weir and dam may be impacted by the new Truman Lake buoy line system. However, the project manager has communicated that they are taking large efforts to ensure there are minimal to no impacts on angling opportunities.

We have submitted additional questions to the project coordinators and they will have more detailed answers and press releases coming in the next few weeks. If you have any additional questions, concerns, or comments, you can send messages to the Corps. of Engineers Public Affairs email:

You can also email Truman Lake Fishing Intel with additional questions or comments at and we would be happy to pass them along.

Bradly Wright and Jim Sandberg of the Corps. of Engineers were interviewed for this article.

View full aerial video of the Truman Lake Dam area by clicking HERE.

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