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Hybrid Mania Guide Service

Jim Cuda, who is originally from Odessa, MO, is the owner of Hybrid Mania Guide Service on Truman Lake. Like many of our other experts at Truman Lake Fishing Intel, he has years of experience on the lake.

Jim has been fishing Truman since the mid-80s, and guiding for the last 20 years. His specialty is hybrid striped bass. There are a variety of ways to target hybrids on Truman, but Jim focuses on live bait ranging from shad to bluegill. In addition to hybrids, Jim also offers some crappie trips throughout the year, but prefers to target the hybrids. “You just can’t beat the fight that a big wiper puts up,” he says.

You can also target hybrids with artificial baits. Jim always carries topwater tackle just in case they’re hitting on the surface.

When you book a trip with Jim, he normally has everyone meet him at Truman State Park Marina. The best time of year to target wipers is from first of March through first of November. Be sure to look him up and check the website regularly for his fishing reports. We are very excited to include his expertise on Truman Lake Fishing Intel!

Hybrid Mania Guide Service – 816.263.2049

Hybrid Mania Guide Service Facebook Page


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