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Steve Blake’s Guide Service

For those who have lived or traveled to the Truman Lake area, you can bet they’ve all heard of Steve Blake. Steve is originally from the St. Louis area, but essentially grew up running around the woods of Truman Lake before it was actually a real reservoir.

He spent his childhood years visiting family in the area every weekend, participating in all kinds of hunting and fishing activities before the reservoir was built. He knows where all the old churches,  cemeteries, and other landmarks are that have been underwater for years ever since the area was dammed to create what we now know as Truman Lake.

As a result, Steve has a ton of knowledge that many others don’t. All the old submerged fencerows and old roadbeds that many haven’t seen, Steve knows by heart. When you book a trip with Steve, you will have an opportunity to pursue crappie, white bass, hybrids, and even largemouth. Perhaps the longest tenured guide on the lake, Steve Blake knows where to find the fish and will show you what it takes to catch them.

He guides out of the Sterett Creek area, but spends time on all arms of the lake. Give him a call to book your next fishing trip on Truman Lake!



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