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7/18/21 Joe Bass Team Trail Event

Tournament Results On July 18, 2021

General Information
Date July 18, 2021 Reporter Joe Bass Team Trail
Number of Boats 126 Location Shawnee Bend
Weather/Water Conditions
Water Temperature 81-84 Sky sunny
Air Temperature 80s/low 90s Generation Heavy current generation
Tournament Results
Placement Angler(s) Name Total Keepers Total Weight
1st Place Troy Thomas and Todd Paretta 5 16.56
2nd Place Robert Hime and Paul Huse 5 16.48
3rd Place Jordan Williams and Riley Hill 5 14.50
Biggest Fish Award
1st Place Biggest Fish Winner Name Biggest Fish Weight
Mike Thomas and Jeff Lane 5.73
Tournament Notes

As seen on…

As seems to be the norm, conditions have roller-coastered since the June event with scorching heat and dry conditions replaced with relatively mild temps, for summer in Missouri, and rain, enough to raise the lake to 11’ over normal pool, followed by a steady drop to just under 7’ high.  Flooding storms just prior to the event had the southern arms of the lake dirtying up again.  Dock talk ranged from the typical current break patterns, the shallow pattern going away with the dropping lake levels, and whether or not the summer suspended bite would materialize with the cooler temperatures and current.  Such variability faced the 126 team field that took off from Shawnee Bend to battle for daily bragging rights and qualifying points for the Joe Bass Invitational to be held at Bucksaw Resort and Marina this fall.

Leading the pack was Troy Thomas and Todd Paretta.  Their five fish limit pushed the scales to a winning 16.56 pound weight.  Mike and Troy shared working jigs and buzzbaits shallow with an early bite being their key to success.

Truman veterans Robert Hime and Paul Huse narrowly missed the win as their runner up weight of 16.48 was just off the lead.  They noted they had an early buzzbait fish followed by flipping creature baits to the outside bushes to fill their limit.  A kicker fish lost at the boat had them thinking of what might have been!

Jordan Williams and Riley Hill rounded out the top three with a solid 14.50 pound stringer.  They also flipped jigs to shallow bushes, making the most of the five bites they had scattered throughout the day.

Big bass was a 5.73 largemouth, added to the 13th place overall check awarded to Mike Thomas and Jeff Lane.  The duo shared the lunker made for some excitement as it was tangled in a bush, with them thinking it was a short until they saw the swirl and flash!

Team Joe Bass, Timmy Newberry and THE Rusty Darnell, bolstered their 9th place overall check as they took home the highest finishing Skeeter bonus as they flipped Boss Hawgs to the outer bushes to put 13.08 pounds of Truman bass in Rusty’s 2013 ZX20 Skeeter.

The final regular season event of the Truman Division will take place August 29th with a 6:00am takeoff from Shawnee Bend.  With the exceptional turnouts, take advantage of registering online prior to the event, otherwise, make sure to show up early to ensure the takeoff is on time.

Tournament Photos

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