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7/17/22 Average Joe’s Buddy Bass Tournament

Tournament Results On July 17, 2022

General Information
Date July 17, 2022 Reporter Average Joe's Buddy Bass Tournament
Number of Boats Location Shawnee Bend
Weather/Water Conditions
Water Temperature mid to upper 80s Sky Sunny
Air Temperature 90s Generation Minimal
Tournament Results
Placement Angler(s) Name Total Keepers Total Weight
1st Place Keith Nickell and Chris Bridges 5 16.82
2nd Place Bryce and Cameron Reider 5 16.75
3rd Place Jerry McCutchen and Kevin Smith 5 16.65
Biggest Fish Award
1st Place Biggest Fish Winner Name Biggest Fish Weight
Bryce and Cameron Reider 5.96
Tournament Notes

I would like to congratulate the anglers that came out and fished today. Thank you all for coming out.

1st place went to Keith Nickell and Chris Bridges with a 16.82 pound bag.

2nd place was the father and son team of Bryce Rieder and Cameron with a 16.75 pound bag.

3rd place was the living legend Jerry McCutchen and Kevin Smith with a 16.65 pound bag.

4th place was Oehring and Laboube with 15.05 pounds.

5th place went to Bryan Baker and Darren Baker with 13.51 pounds.

1st Big Bass was Bryce and Cameron Reider with a 5.96 pound DONKEY
2nd Big Bass was Keith and Chris with a 5.06.
Great job everyone

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