Wednesday, March 1st
Overcast Clouds - Wind: 9.55 Mph
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1/19/22 22 Degree Air Temp in the Polar Bear Bass Tourney at Lake of the Ozarks 12/19/21

Ride along with Dave and Evan as they fight ice in the 22 degree air temp Polar Bear Tournament…seems almost fitting hum? Water temps are in the upper 40’s and air temp is 22 at launch but yes it’s supposed to be cold. In the last video Angels on Earth was a benefit tourney..this is the next day and a strong cold front has smashed our nice weather into normal cold.Our donation of our winnings the day before has set us up for a blessing..On top of that Gary..Evans dad is unable to fish today.He is leaving for Mexico so we got some other water to run..Your gonna like this one I think..Hopefully…Please subscribe and share this on your own social media..It helps us grow and ensure we are able to keep giving you this content…

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