Friday, September 22nd
Moderate Rain - Wind: 4.43 Mph
65.3 °F

1/20/23 Super Cold Water Bass Fishing in a Stickbait only Polar Bear Tourney on Pomme 12-31-22

Ride along with Dave and Mike as they fish in the Stickbait only Polar Bear bass tournament on Pomme in super cold 41.7 degree water . 45 plus teams came out to fish in an even more challenging event…take all your lures and forget all the “Other” techniques your good at…Yep I feel privileged to live in an area that has lots of tournaments on 4 or 5 lakes that fish all year long and we never winterize our rigs…I’ve never been ice fishing because it never happens…Our weather is way to unstable to get good ice…Not sure I could take 3 months off..yes it is an addiction..I love….Enjoy …. #Fish30 #AnglersPortMarine #PhoenixBoats #MercuryMarine #jewelbaits #jewelbaits #fishcontrolmybrain #Tournamentbassfishingvideos #artlist_music

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