Saturday, March 4th
Scattered Clouds - Wind: 7.09 Mph
56.4 °F

1/4/22 Tournament Grinding in the Bass World Sport at Lake of the Ozarks 12/12

Ride along with Dave and Joe as we drive the struggle in the Bass World Sports at Lake the Ozarks..Tournament grinding a.k.a. “Driving the Struggle Bus” is so true..Some days things just don’t line up but as you may have noticed in the last video that Joe wasn’t his normal self only landing 1… 12 inch spotted bass and it was early on Saturday morning so by early morning he’s wondering what’s up? Well Joe we all have had those moments and it’s about how you recover…Sound familiar …How’s that humble pie …trust me I can name the flavors from memory…It comes with age and having your ass kicked by all these hammers living around here Enjoy… #Fish30 #PhoenixBoats #MercuryMarine #AnglersPortMarine #JewelBaits #HDTackle #TrumanLakeFishingIntel #BassTournamentVideos

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