Friday, September 22nd
Moderate Rain - Wind: 4.43 Mph
65.3 °F

1/9/23 Megabass Vision 110 and Spro Rockcrawlers get the bites in the Polar Bear Tourney on Pomme 12-11-22

Ride along with Gary and David as we fish in the Polar Bear tournament at Pomme. The Megabass vision 110 and the Spro rock crawlers are helping us put fish in the livewells. Tourney guys will help each other out…gotta love it…I know I do..Gary and I had our chance at doing much better in this tourney..If our double ends up happening then we probably end up in the check line…should, coulda, woulda…Gotta land what you get to bite…same variable every time every tourney. Water temp is 49 down by the dam to 47 up the creeks…It’s just I love the winter bites…. Enjoy.. #Fish30 #AnglersPortMarine #PhoenixBoats #MercuryMarine #jewelbaits #FishControlMyBrain #BassTournaments #BassTournamentVideos #BassFishing

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