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12/6/22 2 Day Average Joe Tourney on Stockton Lake 10-9-22 |Win|Vlog

Ride along with me as I fish in the Average Joe team tourney at Stockton lake. My normal partner Gary is on a cruise and we will be fishing in the Joe Bass team trail championship the following weeks so I decided most of my normal buddies will be fishing in that so taking them a couple of weeks before just doesn’t make sense so..I fished it alone..can I win alone? Oh hell ya..Stingy… a little shallower than most guys will fish..Stockton is fishing tough and I’m hoping taking the time with her the last few weeks will pay off… Jig and the big topwater doing most of the work…also maybe nobody else has seen the schooling that is still going on..First keeper of the second day…fish come in from the wide open and surface right next to the boat..Camera doesn’t do it justice…water is really pretty clear on Stockton and right under the surface was what looked like hundreds of big largemouths…. #Fish30 #PhoenixBoats #AnglersPortMarine #MercuryMarine #JewelBaits #FishControlMyBrain

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