Monday, March 6th
Overcast Clouds - Wind: 13.82 Mph
59.7 °F

3/6/22 Jeff Faulkenberry and Scott Turnage hammer on crappie on Truman Lake in early March

Just because G3 Sportsman Scott Turnage gets called back to action doesn’t mean his first crappie trip was going to be easy. After some coaxing from Modern Outdoor Media’s Westin Yancey and a quick call to Jeff Faulkenberry on Truman lake, the guys hit the lake for some much needed crappie fishing. As luck would have it, the guys had a battery issue but adapted and overcame the problem with some help of their Lowrance Active Target, a short rope, sturdy stump and some great schools of cooperative crappie. We hope you enjoy and please give us a comment on what you think. Side note: Jeff’s batteries were a tad low on water and he’s all good now!

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