Wednesday, December 7th
Overcast Clouds - Wind: 0.89 Mph
40.8 °F

5/27/22 Rain and High Water Can’t Stop the Win in the Reeve’s Brothers Tourney on Stockton Lake

Ride along with Steve and Dave as the deal with high water and lots of rain in the Reeve’s Brothers Bass Tournament. Some days just seem to go right even when conditions aren’t the greatest… Oh heck ya we pull a win off… Early in the day we make a big run up the river to fish in the colored water hoping to find them shallower and it works.. Fish30 merchandise #Fish30 #PhoenixBoats #MercuryMarine #AnglersPortMarine #JewelBaits #HDTackle #TrumanLakeFishingIntel #FishControlMyBrain

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