Monday, March 6th
Overcast Clouds - Wind: 10.58 Mph
57.9 °F

6/19/22 Fishing the Flooded Jungle in the USA Bassin Team Trail Event on Truman Lake May 8 2022

Fishing in the USA Bassin Team Trail at Truman lake where the lake has risen 8 feet in 48 hours..Ride along with Gary and Dave as the rising water is always hard on us unless they are spawning..I much prefer falling water…Leave a comment on your favorite ..rising or falling water levels….bet guys with tidal experience got some senses that we don’t…if you’re that guy I would love to hear your comment..Also I apologize the chesty footage missing for the fish that Gary caught with the net mid air jump off…My hero 7 overheats a lot and shuts off… I have gotten rid of it…. for a new hero 5 which doesn’t…less stuff on it…turn WiFi OFF…won’t over heat hardly ever…Done losing footage that way……Enjoy Video

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