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6/23/22 Biggest Bag Ever in the Average Joe Solo event on Truman Lake Vlog from May 29, ’22

Ride along with me (Dave) as I fish in the Average Joe Solo event on Truman lake. Lake is up.. way up all spring and I’ve really been of the opinion that the fish didn’t spawn while the water was up or falling. I’m not so sure matter of fact these fish have spawned…WOW…don’t let pre determined thoughts prevent you from trying other things…The fish must tell you what to do not the other way around. Truman lake has been up for month or two and the current will position the fish near the bottom on points underwater ridges…if the spawn was over fish would be on the main lake not back in the pockets…If the lake was normal there would not be many up shallow but it’s not, so there not all the way out there I watch the video now and wish I had cut some more out but???? kinda slow …lots of content coming Subscribe…. like… comment and share…it will help us grow…. Enjoy….. Fish30 Merchandise click here #Fish30 #PhoenixBoats #MercuryMarine #AnglersPortMarine #JewelBaits #HDTackle #FishControlMyBrain

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