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8/15/22 Deep Jig Bite is On in the American Bass Trail Bass Tournament at Lake of the Ozarks Vlog 6/26

Ride along with Dave and Gary as they fish in the American Bass Trail event on Lake of the Ozarks. The bite in the last few weeks has been tremendous..Current from water being held in Truman lake has set the deep bite up with current. I generally don’t fish much past April but if the water is moving its awesome. Gary “The Fishwisper” has been fishing on Loz for the last few weekends and has found a pattern, deep..3/4 oz Football jig with a worm or kicker style trailers but jig worm is getting it… Old school for sure…Leave a comment and like… it does help the video get traction..please subscribe if you haven’t ….it’s free.  #Fish30 #PhoenixBoats #MercuryMarine #AnglersPortMarine #JewelBaits #HDTackle #TrumanLakeFishingIntel #LakeoftheOzarksbassfishing #Basstournamentvideos Fish30 merchandise click below

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