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8/2/21 Fish30 We are Flooded Again in the Joe Bass Team Trail on Truman Lake Vlog 6-13-2021

David McCormick:

This video is about bass tournament fishing in the Joe Bass Team Trail on a flooded again Truman lake. We have had how many floods this year?? Where our 55,000 acre lake flooded out over 100,000 acres. Fishing can be tough during this time of constant change but someone always get them.. Better yet he’s a buddy and Congrats to Darrell and John for catching over 21lbs…but our fight is with our heads just like it always is..getting ourselves into the check line… Enjoy…

#Fish30 #PhoenixBoats #MercuryMarine #AnglersPortMarine #JewelBaits #HDTackle

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